About the Journal

“Central Asian Journal of STEM” is a semi-annual scientific publication published in electronic form in English, Uzbek and Russian. "Central Asian STEM Journal" is aimed at teachers, researchers and specialists of higher educational institutions and is a professional scientific and analytical publication aimed at a wide range of specialists.
Research work is developing rapidly in all fields of science. New solutions, opinions and approaches to various problems are emerging. This process is characteristic of the scientific community. Publications in scientific journals based on research results are required.
The "Central Asian Journal of STEM" publishes articles of both theoretical and empirical nature, which may be of interest to a wide range of specialists in all fields of science and technology. The journal is a means of expressing works in the field of engineering, science and technology and presents mainly articles on scientific research and technological developments, articles with original reflections on a specific problem or topic, review articles that give a general idea of the state of a particular field of science and technology. Interdisciplinary conclusions and economic research using the methods of other sciences - physics, mathematics, etc. are welcome.
Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the processes taking place in the economy of Uzbekistan. This type of publication is a source of information and a means of interaction for scientists around the world. Sections of the journal:
- Mechanical ngineering;
- Reneable energy;
- Electrical engineering;
- Mechatronics and robotics;
- Information technologies;
- Metallurgy and materials science;
- Architecture and civil engineering;
- Industrial and civil construction;
- Logistic and transportation;
- Chemistry and biology;
- Physics;
- Mathematics.
An application for publication is left on the page using a special form, which will be considered as soon as possible. Periodicals are issued in accordance with the requirements of the editorial and publishing process. Articles are reviewed by reviewers and the decision on publication is made at a meeting of the editorial board before the release of a new issue of the journal.