Техническая диагностика конструкций зданий.


  • С.Т. Касымова Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent


diagnostics, damage, defects, deterioration of buildings, operation, external influences, corrosion, assessment, state of structures, causes, diagnostic devices


Technical diagnostics is one of the elements of the general theory of building reliability. Assessment of the state of structures at various stages of building operation establishes signs and causes of damage, makes it possible to identify defects in collapsing structures, to determine the extent and boundaries of damage in order to repair them in a timely manner and with high quality. Defects and damages can be classified according to reasons of occurrence, conditions of occurrence, external signs, degree of influence on performance characteristics. Diagnostics is one of the elements of the general theory of reliability and durability of buildings, its specific tasks are related to the early detection of defects and structural faults.