Geographic data mapping of local runoff formation using GAT technologies.


  • A.N. Jumanov Tashkent institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers
  • M. Raimnazarova Tashkent institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers


land surveying, satellite imagery, survey, statistics, geographic information, geodetic measurements


The article discusses the distribution of land resources by sectors of the economy in the development of sectors of the economy. Within each of them, land use is carried out by various enterprises, organizations, institutions. Within the boundaries of individual land holdings (land use), land serves as the main means of production (agriculture) or the basis of breadth, independent of its fertility, in particular, special attention is paid to the principles of rational use of land resources. In this regard, the effective use of available irrigated lands, their maintenance, restoration and improvement of soil fertility, their protection and intended use is one of the urgent tasks of our time. The advantage of the proposed method is that in experimental land management projects aimed at rational organization of land use and optimization of land and crop types, it is better to place pistachios and almonds on the slopes, and oilseeds and wheat on the lower slopes. in terms of efficiency.